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From large speculative business parks to tailored solutions, we thrive to provide the highest quality designs and working environments. For speculative developments we aim to achieve maximum flexibility for the end user, maximising market interest. This has included the development of a ‘hybrid model’ which have delivered nationwide, providing office space at first floor level, then a customisable space at ground floor where possible uses include industrial, manufacturing, storage or additional office space.

For bespoke developments, we look to keep the flexibility for future changes while designing the buildings form around the needs of the stakeholders. On larger complex developments this has included holding stakeholder consultations to ensure the optimum solution is achieved.

Siemens, Monkton Business Park

Bespoke high tech office and data centre development, featuring large open plan spaces and an internal atrium.

Media Exchange, Ouseburn

Speculative offices development consisting of two to three storey offices aimed at the high tech media and design industry.

Hybrid Units, Monkton Business Park

Speculative two storey units designed to provide maximum flexibility to the end user, with office space and first floor and an undesignated space and ground floor.

Wellstream Office Extension, Newcastle

Extension to an existing production facility to provide large amounts of open office space and first floor level and a staff restaurant at ground floor level.

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