The Elizabeth Landmark

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Rendering of Simon Hitchens, Ascendant (2018). © Simon Hitchens.

SHADBOLT Group are privileged to be a part of the design team working on the Elizabeth Landmark, Northumberland.

It has been Lord Devonport’s dream for 25 years to build a landmark like this on his land to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning British monarch, for her services to the country and her lifelong dedication to the commonwealth.

Designed by Simon Hitchens, the landmark will reach a height in excess of 55m, towering over the likes of the Angel of the North and other cultural tourism destinations in the region.

Simon Hitchens’s design for Elizabeth Landmark sculpture, © Simon Hitchens.

The large steel fin will be orientated in a North to South direction acting as a sundial when viewed from above and will cast a shadow throughout the day to reflect the time.

The project is currently at the planning stages. Our civil engineering team have carried out preliminary design work on the project including an assessment of the surface water drainage strategy and producing the construction details associated with the proposed coach/car park and its access road from the public highway.

Shadbolt Environmental have produced a desktop study and are hopeful of being involved in the proposed intrusive ground investigation works at Cold Law Hill.