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Heavy Industry & Manufacturing

Our expansive knowledge in this diverse sector covers a number of uses ranging from food production through to heavy engineering for the Gas & Oil sector. We use our intricate knowledge and understanding of working processes to not only design and build new facilities, but also improve workflows and efficiency along the way. The result being a more refined and efficient facility.

Our experience has allowed us to provide design and consultancy not only in the UK, but throughout the world.

GE (Gas & Oil), Newcastle

As well as designing the original facility, we have been involved with continuous alterations and extensions often in a live working environment.

GE (Gas & Oil), Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro

Design of a new build production facility based on the model developed at Newcastle. We have also been involved with subsequent alterations and extensions.

Duco (Technip), Newcastle

57 metre high single storey building to house specialist manufacturing equipment for production of umbilical pipes. Specialist foundations for clients equipment e.g. carousels, towers, under rollers.

Hitachi, Monkton

Tailored manufacturing facility for the production and assembly of large construction and quarry plant.

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